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  • How did the SimSok come to life?
    We are regular sim racers. We've been sim racing for a number years now. As we progressed through the ranks of competitive league racing online, we realised that there was a void that needed filling. So our minds went into overdrive, and here we are. After a intensive year of product development we are extremely excited to launch our own brand the SimSok.
  • What is the purpose of the SimSok?
    The SimSok adds a layer of comfort when sim racing. It has been designed to give grip/traction to the feet when braking and accelerating.. These grips have been designed and positioned in the areas where the most common contact patches are.
  • I normally drive with heel & toe technique, will the socks suit this?"
    Absolutely! We have limited the grips to the front area only on the right foot. So you freely move the heel when doing heel & toe. The left sock (braking) has grips to both toe and heel to enhance trail braking.
  • Will my feet sweat in the SimSok?
    While we can't stop the natural occurance of respiration, we have used the best quality yarns including Coolmax. Coolmax has special characteristics built into them and used by many leading sports brands for their sportswear. It is designed to wick away sweat and keep the body cool.
  • My heels normally go numb after prolonged time on the simulator, how will the SimSok help?"
    We have added extra cushioning to the heel on the inside of the sock. This well provide an extra layer of comfort during prolonged use.
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